Pedro Caetano
Game Design, Programming and Other cool stuff


Jul - Now 2016
Unity3D programmer at Travian Games
Prototype Game Development

Using Unity3D, .NET Core, PHP and Git, I developed several prototypes for a massive multiplayer game that ran on Browsers and natively on Windows, Mac and Android.

Mar - Jun 2016
Game Programmer at HandyGames

Used Unity3D, C# and Mercurial to help develop the sequel for a mobile game.

2010 - 2016
Founder at Titan Forged Games
Videogame startup

Worked on all aspects game development including:

  • Team management
  • Game design and world building
  • Work-flow design and implementation
  • Developed tools to aid the development workflow
  • Programming, and A.I. scripting
  • 3D modelling and VFX
  • Sound design and editing
Dec 2015 - Mar 2016 : Tanks meet Zombies

Game Design, UE4, Blueprint, C++, Shader Work, 3D modelling/animation, Perforce

A 3D top-down arcade shooter. Still in development.

Jul 2015 - Nov 2015 : Project Jäger

Game Design and team management, UE4, Blueprint, C++, Shader Work, 3D modelling/animation, Perforce

An historical 3rd person action rpg (never released).

Apr 2015 : Jogo da Malha

Unity3D, C#, Kinect

The classic "horseshoes", digitally implemented with motion controls.

Aug 2013 - Nov 2014 : Slinki

Game Design, Unity3D, C#, HLSL, ShaderLab, PC and some Android

2.5D platformer with a unique boomerang-like weapon ( Released on Steam.

Jan – Jul 2015
Research Investigator at University of Coimbra - IBILI
Serious game design and execution

Design and development of a game that would make it fun for autistic children to learn how to interpret visual attentive cues.

other projects

Jan - Jul 2015
Department of Medicine, Univ. of Coimbra - Searching Drones
Game Design, Unity3D, C#, HLSL, ShaderLab
A research project aimed at making a fun serious game, designed to teach visual attentive cues to autistic children.
Jan 2015
UX Design, QT, Python3, Git
A small taskbar program to automate repetitive tasks ( in game development.
Aug 2013
Game Design, Unity3D, C#, HLSL, ShaderLab
Small prototype qwop-clone for internal Titan Forged Games Jam. Playable at
Dec 2011
Yar’s world
Design, C++, XML
Design Pattern usage prototype. The final project for an extra-curricular class in design pattern usage. Playable at
Space Vengeance
OpenGL1.1, C++
Prototype OpenGL1.1 space shooter. Custom built engine.
Portuguese translation of open-source Warzone 2100 game
English to Portuguese
Complete translation of the game Warzone 2100 into Portuguese.


2008 - 2014
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering
Univ. of Coimbra

short courses

Serious Game Design and Development
German I and II
University of Coimbra
Jul 2013
Empreendedorismo - projeto microempresas
CEARTE, Coimbra

One-week crash-course on creating and managing a small company.

Feb 2012
Screenplay writing course
University of Coimbra

A short 2-day cinema screenplay writing course during “Caminhos do Cinema Português”.

2008 - 2009
Japanese Culture and Language I and II
University of Coimbra


Diplôme de Langue Française Niveau B2 du Conseil de l’Europe
Alliance Française - Council of Europe level: B2
Level 2 Certificate in English (CAE)
Cambridge University - Council of Europe level: C1



game design, management, entrepreneurship, software engineering, simulation, games as an art form


design, HEMA, history, linguistics, games (digital or otherwise)


Civilization, Total War, X-Com, Dawn of War, Wargame, Defcon, War thunder, Red Orchestra, Red Alert, Crimson Skies, Ground Control 1, Terraria, Dwarf Fortress

currently playing:

Factorio, Warframe, Valkyria Chronicles, Company of Heroes 2